Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Music Tuesday!

Our lives are full of music.  We listen at home, in the car & when Heather is cooking.  We go to concerts, bars, festivals and outdoor venues to experience music live.  We are so excited to share the music we love with our future child.

There is also a whole genre of music we have yet to fully explore; Kids Music!  While we have nothing against 'The Wheels on The Bus' and 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' and we already know all of the words, the kids music created by 'adult' musicians gets us pretty geeked.

In celebration, we hereby dedicate our Tuesdays to music!

Kimya Dawson is a shared favorite of ours and we've seen her perform in a tiny bicycle shop, under an awning on a bitterly cold day and at an arts center.  We sing loudly to her albums on road trips and she always makes us giggle. We bought both of our neices a copy of her kids album Alphabutt that they still listen and laugh to.  We also bought one for our future kid.

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