Thursday, September 27, 2012

So Far Away, Yet So Close

I'm not sure why it's taken us so long, but we've finally gotten into Skype.  Today we skyped with our dear friend Laura, who moved to Texas a couple of years ago.  The kids got to see and talk to "Aunt Holly and Aunt Heather", and we couldn't be happier seeing their smiles playing in the backyard.  So although we can't travel there as often as we'd like, it felt like we had just visited.  If only Skype had a button for hugs...

This was also a great reminder of what a powerful tool technology could be in our adoption process.  The Independent Adoption Center has offices in North Carolina, California, Texas, Indiana, Georgia, and New York.  However, they can facilitate adoptions in 49 states.  So...we could match with a birthfamily from almost anywhere in the country! 

We look forward to the time when we are contacted by a family looking to place their child in an open adoption.  And with technology like Skype, we can get to know them, and them us, in a more personal way whether they are across town, across the country, or anywhere in between.  

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