Monday, October 15, 2012

Guest Blogger, Laura

Our dear friend Laura takes the blogging reigns today. . .
After six years in the Army, my husband Dave decided to go back to school and the two of us moved to lovely Durham, North Carolina.  We didn't know anyone in Durham but we ran into Holly and Heather our first week there as we were cruising their neighborhood for FOR SALE signs.  It was one of those brief moments that changes things.  They are now Aunt Heather and Aunt Holly to our kids, Kiera (3 years) and Luke (1 year), and a very special part of our family.  I get gushy when I talk about them.

Our first summer in Durham, Dave was away for an internship.  I was pregnant at the time and Heather and Holly were wonderful to me.  They helped me with house stuff, fed me (often delicious home-cooked meals by Heather) and supported me.  My pregnancy was quite easy overall but on one afternoon I felt horrible and actually quite scared by the sudden sharp pains.  I talked on the phone with my husband in Houston, my mom (who lived several hours away) and then to a nurse.  Then I vividly remember talking with Heather and Holly and feeling immediately comforted by having them nearby.

A while ago, I saw an online post in which a new mom wrote how excited she was when her tiny baby had a healthy bowel movement.  She noted with humor that only she and her own mother could possibly take such an interest in the smelly contents of a diaper.  In my case, Heather and Holly would have been dancing around the diaper pail right along with me and my mom. 

Kiera has slept in Holly's arms.  She's been calmed many a time by Heather singing There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly when she was getting squirmy in her car seat.  Heather and Holly were the first non-family members who watched Kiera while we went out.  We've mellowed a bit with our second child, but with our first this was huge trust.  Humongous. 

Heather and Holly are incredibly giving, loving, down-to-earth, classy people who bring out the best in those around them and in each other.  I'm so excited for them to be able to open up their loving home to a sweet child.  I can't wait for every inch of their fridge to become plastered with a child's beautiful craft projects (conceived by Heather) and to watch Holly share her love of basketball with a little one.  And I'm excited for them to experience-- as parents-- a whole new side of the vibrant Durham community to which they are already such an asset!

Heather holding Kiera & Holly holding Ella

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