Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Live Music!

There is nothing quite like experiencing music live.  Feeling the beats, the swell of instruments, the singers voice.  Feeling the emotion behind the lyrics.  Having a shared emotional experience with strangers. Watching talented people do what they do best.  It's addicting and exhilarating and something we will always expose our child too.

From concerts on the lawn downtown at the American Tobacco District, to concerts in the woods each year at The Festival for the Eno, to one of the dozens of other live music venues just minutes from home, our future kid will know the thrill of being in front of a band.

This past Summer, Heather travelled to Tennessee for Bonnaroo, a music festival spanning several days.  She camped outside with 90,000 other folks all seeking the thrill that comes with being present for some incredible art.

Here is a clip from one of the highlights for her:

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