Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We can do anything!

We think it sucks that our culture has somehow demonized singing your own praises. If you are proud of what you've accomplished, how you look or who you are, we believe you should be able to talk, sing & shout about it sans ridicule or scorn.

We've got something to shout about. Heather's business won an impressive accolade this week! Her pet sitting business was voted The Best of the Triangle via a readers poll! The Triangle is huge! It's chock full of pet sitting businesses, but the one she & her business partner built with love, thought and a lot of hard work was voted the best.

Our future child will always be encouraged to toot their own horn, sing their own praise, own his/her accomplishments and wear them with pride. Go Heather!

Please watch this awesome video about Heather's business!
It highlights just some of the reasons why she loves
what she does & why the Triangle loves her.

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